Our Bucket Sizes


As always there is no cost for admission just the cost of the bucket you choose. Here at The Greater Foscoe Mining Company we have 5 different bucket sizes to choose from. The Larger Buckets have a bigger variety of stones so we suggest sharing one larger bucket between a group.

The $16.00 bucket

The kiddie size bucket has a variety of smaller stones for first timers.

The $26.50 bucket

The value sized bucket for first timers looking for some nice stones or couples looking to share.

The $53.00 bucket

Our most popular bucket size. You will begin to see Geodes and larger stones for faceting and jewelry making.

The $106.00 bucket

Popular for groups of 5 or less. This size bucket has a Geode and a Huge Quartz Crystal! Also, the variety is larger still with even larger stones.

The $212.00 bucket

Our Largest Bucket Size. Has the biggest variety of stones. We call this the cutters bucket because most people looking to cut stones or make jewelry will always get this size.